One Focus

Life from the Heart

In an age of reason and the pervasive mindset that “heart equals emotion,” we at Heart & Life Publishers think differently. We focus on the deep, true meaning of the word heart for the believer. The heart is the source of your deepest convictions, your truest beliefs, your God-given desires, your motives for living, and your truest self.  The real you.

In Christ, we have a new, good, and noble heart. But few people understand how to live from their new heart, and they end up falling back into some version of “trying to please God” because they don’t grasp the full grace message that Jesus offers.

Over time we can lose heart. And if we do, we lose what is truest about us.  Once we find our heart again, we need help living from it.  That’s what Heart & Life Publishers is about. We provide books and resources that help people live from what is truest about them—their heart.

Heart & Life offers custom publishing solutions to help an author connect his or her heart to the heart of  the reader.  We want to help a new generation of believers live in freedom and courage from their good heart.

We invite you to take a look and see if Heart & Life would be a good fit for you.

If, after reading through our website, you believe your  title is in alignment with Heart & Life’s core tenets, please prepare a book proposal that includes the following:

  • Your chapter synopsis
  • Table of contents
  • The names of other publishers you have contacted
  • Your beginning marketing plan
  • The reason why you believe Heart & Life should consider your book

Only completed manuscripts are being considered at this time.  Please email your proposal to

Manuscript submissions will be reviewed within 14 days of submissions, and you’ll hear back from us in one of three ways: (1) we may give you our recommendations for your book; (2) we may decline your material at this time; or (3) we may open the conversation to publish.